June 13, 2018


O-we Family is composed by:

  • Chief of villages and chief of communities from 19  provinces.
  • 800+ entrepreneurs & operators who run 300+ water kiosks.
  • TEUK SAAT 1001 who support and train O-we family members and replicate the model of social franchises through water kiosks in as many communes as possible.

TEUK SAAT 1001 employs 100 people and counts +800 O-we Franchisees: usually one entrepreneur with two operators per kiosk among which more than 25% are women. TEUK SAAT 1001 team is mainly composed of Khmer (95%) profiles.

TEUK SAAT 1001’s Directors have being elected in January 2021 by the TEUK SAAT 1001’s staff and are glad to name: