June 11, 2018


This year 2002 , O-we network represents 800+ water entrepreneurs and operators who sell 100M liters per year allowing more than 858.000 beneficiaries, including 310.000 school children to benefit every day from safe drinking water in more than 2,500 villages.

Water In School

Water in Schools” Sponsorship Program started in 2008. Safe water is provided to +280,000 children daily in the primary schools of villages, where TEUK SAAT 1001 has activities – nearby a O-we water kiosk.
2 dollars supplies safe drinking water for one child at school for one year. Thanks to the Water in Schools Program, a study proved that O-we in schools reduces absenteeism from by 75%.

High Quality Standards

With its strong hygiene procedures, bottle cleaning, packaging, and storage, TEUK SAAT 1001 has been recognized to respect the norms and standards of the World Health Organization. Concretely, within a water kiosk,through a pump and piped water system, river water is collected, stored in a tank, poured into filters (sand filter, carbon filter, micro filter) and finally disinfected using a UV lamp. This process removes all bacteria to produce clean water with consistent quality. The water is then poured into 20-liter bottles and ready for consumption.

Our objectives

To reach 400 water kiosks by 2025, in at least 20 provinces of Cambodia, with 1.5 million beneficiaries.