June 11, 2018


Safe Water Access and Health Benefits

858,000 daily beneficiaries, Up to 62% of consumers reporting decrease in diarrhea occurrence.

Improved Education for All

310,000 children received safe water for free at school. An average of 65% decreased in school absenteeism.

Improved Livelihoods and inclusive growth

3 sustainable jobs per kiosk including 1 led by women.

Environment & Community resilience

70t of Co2 avoided per kiosk per year by preventing water boiling.

O-WE FAMILY Every time TEUK SAAT 1001 open a new water kiosk, they welcome new members in O-we family. The O-we entrepreneur and his 2 operators benefit from Teuk Saat 1001 team’s support – water quality control, supplies, maintenance, sales, and marketing activation – to run Owe water.     OPERATING IN 18 PROVINCES Since 2004, TEUK SAAT 1001’s team have built strong relationships with local authorities – Chiefs of Communes across the country, chiefs of villages and local Key Opinion Leaders – who are part of the process for each new water kiosk opening.       SERVING +800,000 BENEFICIARIES Through O-we (water brand of TEUK SAAT 1001), the social business model operates in 90% of the country’s provinces, reaching +800,000 beneficiaries. Villagers are welcome to come & collect O-we 20L bottle drinking water directly to the kiosks, they can also be delivered at home or buy it to local partners (local shops).     A NETWORK OF SOCIAL FRANCHISES With the help of the communes and partners, TEUK SAAT 1001 select among the villagers, the one who will manage the kiosk. Usually assisted by 2 operators, O-we entrepreneurs run the water kiosk from the pumping, production, cleaning, bottling to deliveries